Instander vs JT Instagram: Which one is better ?

Instander Vs JT Instagram

Instander vs JT Instagram which one is better if you are looking for the answer of this particular question that pops up in your mind then don’t worry you are on the right destination. Both are modified versions of official Instagram. Both apps provided enhanced and advanced themes and features that the users look in the original app.

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What is Instander?

It is a modified version of official Instagram. It is developed by the developer thedise. It provides many unique features including ghost mode, hide seen last status, view picture in original size and overall you can customise the app experience.


View profile pic in Original size

You can view the profile pic of anyone in full quality and in full size. You can easily recognize the user by viewing the picture in full size if you are searching for someone. This can be done easily by tapping on the profile icon.

Download Photos, stories and videos

You can easily download the photos, stories and reels and IGTV. If you are a social media addict and want to enjoy the high value content offline too then this feature surely helps you. You just have to simply tap on the video and photo you want to download and it will automatically save in your phone gallery.

Block Ads

if you want to browse the application without being uninterrupted then you are good to go for installation of Instander. You can seamlessly browse your favourite digital application without being disturbed.

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What is JTInstagram?

JT Instagram APK is an insta modded application developed by Jimtechs. It offers many advanced and unique features that are not available in the official Instagram. It offers a download button under each post to save your favourite content. Ghost mode is also provided in this mod for the user who is concerned about their privacy.


Download Media

You can easily download the photos and videos with a single tap. Usually Instagram does not allow you to download content from it. You can download it and share it with your friends and family.

Ghost Mode

With Ghost mode users can easily hide their status and maintain their privacy. Other users cannot see the online activity of a person like stories last seen status and last read etc.

Enable and Disable Share option

Users can easily choose to enable or disable sharing content option. If they enable it, anybody can easily put their content on their account.

Difference between Instander vs JT Instagram

InstanderJT Instagram
It has basically two version i.e Clone and uncloneIt does not have any version
It has official websiteIt does not have an official website
It provides verification badge featureIt does have verification badge feature
It does not have option of disable all repliesIt has a option of disable all replies

Similarities between Both Apps

Both versions of instagram provided a user -friendly interface. Ghost mode, downloading media including stories, reels, IGTV etc. Most demanding feature of booth application is saving anything in the archive. You can also hide yourself by viewing someone’s content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can users use both apps alongside Instagram?

Yes you can easily use three apps simultaneously at a single device. But make sure to login with three different accounts.

Is Instander and JTInstagram both support downloading features?

Yes users can easily download the content i.e. videos, photos, IGTV and reels.

Can users use these apps on Android and iOS?

Yes, typically both these modded versions could be installed and used on Android and iOS devices.

Can users use these apps on PC?

Yes, both apps are available for Pc, And new version of Instander For Pc has been rolled out now.

Final words

In this article we have tried to explain the common question of users that is Instander vs JT Instagram: which one is better by analysing the key differences and similarities between both. Hope you find this article helpful if you are thinking about downloading these versions of Instagram on your devices.

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