How To Fix Instander Crashing While Opening Comments 

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Instander MOD APK is a third-party developed for users of Instagram with additional functions and features. Users complain about the bugs and want a solution to fix Instander Crashing While Opening Comments. 

In this article, we will discuss the different errors in the comments section of Instander and provide a solution for the smooth working of the moded App.

Let’s further discuss the different causes of the crashing of Instander.

Reasons of Instander Crashing While Opening Comment

Different reasons led to the crashing of Instander Mod APK. Don’t worry. Many people face this issue.

  • There is not Enough RAM storage
  • A version of Instander is not updated
  • Cache and Clear data
  • Network Issues
  • Incompatible device
  • Bug in Instander App
  • Close any app that is running in the background 
  • Reinstall the app

Method to Fix Errors 

This article will discuss different methods to fix the error that causes Instander Crashing While Opening Comment.

  • Ram Storage: Delete the unwanted Apps and videos and make space for new Apps. It is one of the that the Instander App needs to work appropriately with limited storage.
  • Updated and latest Version: The old and outdated version of Instander does not work correctly on the phone. Download the latest Instander APK version on your Android and iOS phone.
  • Cache and Clear Data: Clear the cache and unwanted data that will also help the user to fix the bugs on crashing the Instander when commenting. 
  • Network issue: An unstable Network and weak internet also cause the crashing of the Instander APK. If you want to use the app smoothly, ensure a stable network.
  • Incompatible Device: Ensure the device you use, whether Android or iOS, is compatible with the Instander app. Some devices do not support Third-party moded apps.
  • Bugs in the App: Sometimes, Instanders also have bugs that must be fixed to keep using the app. If the Instander has corrupted data, that also leads to the app crashing.
  • Close Any App that Runs in the Background: Opening multiple App on the phone does not support the app better, so close the unwanted Apps to save the memory and the App from crashing. You can do this simply by opening Task Manager and closing the unwanted app. 
  •  Reinstall the Instander App: If nothing works from the method above, uninstall and reinstall the app. By doing this, you can fix the Instander crashing while opening comments.

Hope fully now the issue of Instander Crashing While Opening Comment is resolved if you have followed the above steps correctly


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