Is Instander Fake

In Today digital world where many popular social media apps are developed, Instander is one of the mod version of a popular application called Instagram.

Instander provides more and enhanced features than the original application. But now Many users of the app are looking for answers to popular query Is Instander Fake 2024?

We are here to answer this question of the user in a detailed manner.

Overview Of Instander

Instander is a very popular modded version of official Instagram. It is basically designed for Android users but now it is also available for iOS devices. It provides additional functionalities as compared to the original application. We have discussed some of the advanced features below.

Features Of Instander

  • Ads-Free
  • Download Media
  • Customization Option
  • Ghost Mode
  • Data Saver Mode
  • Automatic Replies
  • Troubleshooting Techniques


Instander allow user to browse the app without being distracted or disturbed. continuous interruption of Ads irritated the user.

Download Media

Users can easily download media and can save many photos and videos. User can also access reels and IGTV with Instander APK.

Customization Option

Users can customize the app according to their needs. Preferred themes, fonts can allow the user to play with the app.

Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode is one of the popular features. If you are concerned about privacy and want to keep yourself private then Instander APK is for you. You can view stories anonymously, hide read receipt, hide seen status.

Data saver Mode

If you have limited data available then you can still browse Instander APK. It works best with limited internet availability. Users can turn off the Autoplay video feature while browsing if they have not enough data.

Automatic Replies

Instander APK allows users to send automatic replies to the people. User just have to download the Instander app and set a specific reply they want to send. This saves the time of the user.

Instander Special Features

Many people download images and video by Instander. As there is no problem in download means problems arise with Ghost Mode. As Many users don’t know about this special feature we will tell you about the main benefits that come with features and how to turn it on your device.

It offers mainly the following functions

  • Hide message seen mark
  • Hide story seen mark
  • Hide typing status

Many users are confused about how to turn it on or maybe this feature is not compatible with their device. Follow the procedure below to get in on your app.

  • First create an Instagram Account
  • Secondly, Open Instander app follow the new account you have created
  • Then type a message and sent it to your new account from the previous one.
  • Open Instander and read the text you have already sent but Make sure to turn on the ghost mode before reading.
  • Then Check your message from the new account about the seen status.

From the following way that is discussed above you can surely check is Instander fake or not.

Final Words

In this article we have discussed that Is Intander Fake ? Many people while using the modded version of Instagram are in doubt about the privacy of their data. But You can easily use your favourite Instagram modded app. It’s 100% safe and real.

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