Instander APK Vs Gb Instagram Which One Is Better?

Instander APK Vs Gb Instagram

Instander APK vs Gb Instagram which is better if you are looking for an answer to this question then you are on the right destination. Both Apps are modded versions of original Instagram.

Both applications provide unique and advanced features and customization that users are lagging in the official Instagram. It enhances the user overall in app experience.

Instander APK Vs Gb Instagram Comparison


It is a modified version of Instagram developed by Dmitri Gavrilov. It is the renowned mod of Instagram to provide user option of downloading high quality photos, videos, reels, and IGTV. Official Instagram does provide option of downloading content. Then users looks for the third party app like Instander

  • Users can easily copy description
  • Users can copy comments from the post
  • One of it’s cool feature is that it has User-Friendly Interface

With amazing and advanced functionality It takes the game of Instagram to another level.

Features Of Instander

View Photos In Full Size

View photos in full size

Users can easily view the profile pictures in full size. This feature allows users to recognize anyone just by long tapping on the picture. Original Instagram have lack of this unique feature.

Crash Report

Crash Reports

It allows the user to choose and send crash reports to improve app overall performance. This application is a safe platform for sharing content and chatting. By enabling Ghost mode, users can easily hide its status and enjoy browsing.

Hide Stories

Hide stories

Hide story feature allows users to keep up their privacy by choosing the people who can view their stories.

High Quality Media

High quality Media

Downloading high quality and high resolution images with Insta moded app is possible. Users can easily upload high quality images.

Gb Instagram

Gb Instagram is a modified version of official Instagram. Gb insta provides advanced themes, unique features like downloading IGTV, photos. With gb Instagram preview mode users can easily view the picture before publishing.

It’s latest version allows users to view posts and profiles in totally different layouts. Gb insta allows users to customise the app according to their preferences.

GB Instagram features

Private Account Viewer

Private account viewer

This feature allows users to view private accounts. With the Zoom in feature of gb instagram Mod APK users can easily zoom the picture of any one. Downloading and previewing the picture is also possible.

Hide Story Gb instagram

Hide view stories

If you want to view stories by keeping your active status hidden then GB instagram is for you. Original Instagram doesn’t allow you to hide view story status. But with this specific modified version of the app you can easily hide the status just by opening settings and selecting your desired people whom you want to share.

Built In Auto Translator

Built In Auto Translator

Hide story feature allows users If you want to communicate with any foreigner in their native language then this app is for you. You can easily translate your words by using a built-in translator. GBinsta has this excellent feature that lets the user have great bonding with clients and friends in any language they keep up their privacy by choosing the people who can view their stories.

Download media gb insta

Download Media

Users can easily download video and desired pictures while browsing through the app. This allows the user to download and save the video for later sharing to their friends and family.

GB Instagram Mod APK vs Instander which is best to choose ?

GB insta Mod APK vs Instander which is best this is a common question arises in the mind of the user if they are confused between which mode of Instagram to choose. Keep scrolling we are here to provide you an answer to your common question.

Instander APK provides you an option of ghost mode that allows the user to keep their privacy while browsing the app. By Ghost mode users can easily hide last seen , last read , and hide blue tick. Downloading high quality media is possible with this mod of Instagram. Users do not face bugs and glitches but with GB Instagram users have this common issue.

Gb Instagram provides more customization options as compared to the official version of instagram. Many advanced themes like black theme and variety of layout are introduced in this latest Instagram preview feature allows anyone to easily zoom in the picture. Copying links with GB insta is like a piece of cake.

Both versions of Instagram, Instander and gb insta have their own uses and benefits, if the user is looking for privacy then Instander is for them but if they want to add more customization to their app then they can choose gb instagram according to their preferences.

Final words

In this article we have done a detailed comparison between Instander APK Vs Gb Instagram. If you feel any difficulty regarding both versions you can easily reach us out.

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