Tired of using Instagram with basic features and want to use extra features like Ghost Mode, No ads and multiple languages. It can be very annoying when ads keep appearing while using Instagram don’t worry with Instander we got your back

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Instagram is one of the leading apps widely used nowadays by people for entertainment and communication purposes. Our renowned celebrities use the app to promote their brands and campaigns. Instander, the revolutionary modified version of Instagram, has taken the world by storm, allowing celebrities and users to unleash the full potential of visual storytelling through pictures and reels. 

Unlike Instagram’s limited features, Instander APK offers an array of enhanced tools and functionalities. It is the best alternative to Instagram. All ages use this specific Insta mod, but it is popular among users aged 18 to 25. You can use the app on your devices to communicate with your friends. By using this, you can unlock many of it’s outstanding features. 

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Why Instander APK

Instander is an mod APK app for users. it’s an revolutionary modified version of Instagram that boasts a remarkably unique and intuitive design. It offers more flexibility, enhanced functionality, customization, simple layout, and navigation. Users look for these qualities in the app. If they find all these qualities that they need in Instagram, they prefer Instander APK over Instagram. 

This mod APK provides a safe and secure environment for users to share personal moments on the platform. Social media app Instander mod APK offers users tools that help them be productive and organized. 

What Is Instander

Instagram has some missing features like video downloading etc. Unfortunately, the official version is unable to provide them. To fulfil this need of users, third-party developers start creating mods of the app. It’s one of the coolest app, With exciting and advanced features, more and more people are switching from Instagram to Instander.

 Instander is an Insta Mod of Instagram. It was first developed for Android users of Instagram, Then later on Instander For PC and iOS was developed. it is safe, secure, and the best app for the replacement and alternative of official Instagram. 

Features of Instander APK

Instander APK is an Insta mod. It provides more exciting, unique, and premium features than the original Instagram. Some of the features we have listed below.

  • Download video and images.
  • Active Instagram account to find
  • Instagram verification
  • Hide message view 
  • No Advertisement
  • Close friend list
  • Allow message replies
  • Save story to archives
  • Send a message to someone directly
  • Upload Images in high quality 
  • Private account profile viewer
  • Hide followers and likes
  • Setting menu in 25 languages
  • Smart gesture
  • Miscellaneous
  • Instander ghost mode
  • Analytics
  • Crash reports

Download video and images

Download video and images

Instagram provides great excellent entertainment to users in the form of videos and images. Still, it needs to give its users the authority to download it, which frustrates the user with the app. Instander APK provides users with this feature. When they scroll the app and find any video interesting, they can save it on their device. 

Some third-party developers offer downloaders to Instagram, but they may contain viruses and malware, which is a risk to your security. Instander is an app you can use to save images and videos just by clicking on the three-dot menu. Click on the download button. The video will be downloaded into your phone storage.

No Advertisement

No Advertisement

Sometimes, when scrolling through Instagram feeds, unwanted ads appear on the stories and videos. Instander has this feature to block the ads that appear on the stories and videos. This feature is not available on other play store versions of Instagram. By blocking the ads, you can enjoy the entertainment without disturbance. Ads can be disabled through privacy settings.

Close Friends list 

Close Friends list

Sometimes we want to share stories and reels with our close friends. By downloading the Instander APK, users can avail this feature, and they will be able to share their content with limited people out of all followers. Removal and addition of friends depend on the users. No one can access a list of close friends other than yourself.

 Allow Message replies

Allow Message replies

Instander APK support and provide users with significant control over the app. Sometimes when negative people surround us, they always think to reply to every post and give their unwanted opinions. These features help you tackle them. This App allows you to choose whether you want allow replies from everyone, people you may know, or you can disable replies entirely.

Save story to archive

Save story to archive

The save story feature helps when your phone device has not had enough storage left for keeping the data of images and videos. You can save videos of the Instander in archive. Only if you have the password of your account, then you can access the archive. Your data is fully protected, and only you can access it, ensuring the utmost safety and confidentiality.

Send a Message to someone directly

Send a Message to someone directly

If you want to remain in contact with your near and dear, you can use this app to send direct messages to anyone. Some people hide their direct message option, so you cannot contact them quickly. Still, with the help of the Insta mod app, you can avail of this opportunity and easily send a message to anyone anywhere at any time. 

Upload images and stories reels in high quality

Upload images and stories reels in high quality

The modified app of insta aims to provide excellent and high-quality resolution of data so the user can have a better experience than the original version.You can elevate the quality of images, reels, and IGTV content to a new level.

Private account profile viewer

Private account profile viewer

Instagram does not have this feature available. You can’t see the profile pic of anyone in full size on the official app. This modified Insta App provide users this unique experience; you can check out any profile pic and share images with anyone.

Hide followers and likes

Hide followers and likes

If you don’t want to share whom you follow, the control is in your hand. You can keep your privacy secret by enabling the Hide followers and like option in Instander.

Active Instagram accounts to find

Active Instagram accounts to find

By enabling this feature, you can search for the app’s active users. This help to increase your followers.

Instagram verification

Instagram verification

A verified badge is also available for active user accounts. You can get the badge by showing appreciation to the app developer and, in return, get verified by them. The verification Badge is visible to other users of the app.

Hide read receipts

Hide message view status

If you read the message of someone and now you don’t want them to get notified about the message read, then use the Instander mod apk. This feature is available on the app. 

Setting menu in 25 languages

Setting menu in 25 languages

The need for language features arises when communicating with natives of different countries.The language barrier can be a significant challenge when it comes to effective communication. Still, now the Instander app solves this problem of yours by providing the option of different languages. You can use this option in comments and also in messages. 

Smart gestures

Smart gesture

Instander provides minimal and unique features to its users. These features include navigation. In the navigation feature, you don’t have a use button; you can swipe left and right. It is a convenient and easy method. Also, it provides a double-tap option to like and zoom on photos. These small features increase the app’s value in the users’ eyes. 



These features include small gestures like you can see the stories in full-screen size. The App has built-in apps that help to follow links directly in an app. Videos can play automatically, but you can disable this feature if you want to save data. 

Instander can suggest friends to you according to your activity and preference. You can maintain privacy by hiding your likes and posts. You can make your stories by cropping. But it depends on the app user and which features they want to choose. 

Ghost mode

Instander Ghost mode

You can hide your presence online on an app by enabling the ghost mode. In this way, no one gets notified that you are available to chat. The same goes with when you are typing someone a message; they will be unable to see that you are typing something due to ghost mode. You can also view other people’s stories and content by hiding your status. In this way, your presence is mysterious to them. 

Analytics and crash reports

Analytics and crash reports

You can choose the option of enabling or disabling analytics and crash reports. You can enable them if you want third-party developers to show data according to your preferences, and you can also disable them if you maintain your security. You can send crash reports to developers, so it helps them to fix errors and bugs in the Instander App for your smooth use of the app.

Auto updates

Auto updates

Stay worry-free with Instander APK as it automatically updates itself, saving you the hassle of downloading new versions every time an update is released. Just go to the settings option of the app and enable the auto search option in OTA updates. If you are facing any issue while updating the you can can also check How to Update Instander APK

How to download Instander APK For Android

As Instander is Instagram mod developed by third-party developer, it is unavailable on the google play store. You have to search for a reliable source for whom you can download your favourite APK app.

Downloading the App on your Android or iOS device is a piece of cake just by following the steps below.

Steps to Download Instander

  • Download the app by tapping on the provided link.
  • Take a moment to download the file, and once it’s ready, navigate to your File Manager.
  • In the file manager, look for the Instander APK file.
  • Once you found it, now tap to begin the process of Installation.
  • You have to keep one thing in mind while installing from unknown sources and then enable that option from Android security settings. 
  • Once you enable the option, you can go to the install link and get the Instander official app on your device.

 After finishing the above process, you can easily use the app.

How to use Instander

You can easily use Instander by following the steps we are guiding you. 

  • First, open the Instander app and log in to your account. Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll notice three dots located at the top of the profile page.
  • Tap on the three dots, Now you can access the settings of the app.
  • Adjust settings according to your preferences.

By adjusting the app according to your customization, you can quickly get more benefit features from the app, like ad blocking, etc.

Video Tutorial

Difference Between Clone & Unclone APK

Clone version

A clone is like a replica of something. It retains the same core properties and features as the original app. It keeps track of changes you can make in the original app and updates the same modifications in duplicate copies. 

To download the Instander clone version on your device, you must uninstall the official Instagram app on your phone. The clone version comes with its unique package name that is com.Instander.Android.

Unclone version

Unclone can easily be installed as a separate app from the original version. It arrived with the package name com. insta. With the unclone version of the app, you can seamlessly install it alongside the official Instagram app without the need to uninstall Instagram. 

Pros & Cons


  • You can follow celebrities and renowned people.
  • You can get a verification badge on the Instander app quickly.
  • You can freely watch and download the videos.
  • The App Is Free of cost for users.
  • Available with clone and unclone versions.
  • Offer many customization options.


  • Lack of updates 
  • Security risk
  • Incomplete and unreliable functionality
  • Violation of terms and services 

FAQs ( frequently asked questions )

  No, this app is free and available to download. All features are completely free for users.

  Yes, The app is completely safe to use.

  Instander is 40MB  and works fine for any Android version.

  The App offers users a hassle-free built-in automatic update system.

Ghost mode allows use to browse the app being completely invisible, Other users cannot see you activity status when ghost mode is activated.

  Yes, It does show Ads on the Explorer page. According to us, it is a bug that developers can only fix.


It is an app with unique features that are enough to impress anyone. Enhanced features of Instander provides an edge over Instagram. Many of its features are needed to be added in Instagram. The App offers a secure and dynamic environment for users to exchange ideas. Users can personalize the interface according to their preferences.

This article is helpful to you. Download the App and enjoy its unlimited features. If you need any help feel free to reach us. Our main motive is to help you and provide relevant information about the Instander app.