Everything you need to know about v18.0 Instander

Everything you need to know about Instander

Everything you need to know about Instander if you are lagging behind in terms of additional features, Instagram is a leading social media platform but offers limited features but one of its Mod that is Instander, has additional features and customization. Recently Instander has introduced its BETA version 18.0 almost after 10 months released of 17.2 version. Stick to this article to find Everything you need to know about Instander

Instander 18.0 may have some bugs and errors in it because it is the BETA version. This version is introduced after extensive development like code, logic and database. 

Why to use Instander v18.0

Instander is a safe platform to use and provide extensive customization and user friendly experience. Massive changes were introduced in this new launch 18.0 version of Instander. The structure and codebase of the app is rewritten.

A follow you button has been added. The UI Visual refresh of the app is better than the previous version. Additional new features are introduced in the beta version. Everything you need to know about Instander then is explained in this article stick to the article we provide you information in detail.

Everything you need to know about Instander and Changes

To address the shortcomings in the previous version of the Instander, Instander APK has made some changes in the new version. Instander APK is safe to use and provides security to the user that they need while browsing the content.  Anti ban properties of the Instander let the user avoid getting banned for using the MOD version.

If you have updated the Instander to latest version then you need to read Everything you need to know about Instander We will explain to you in detail what new changes Instander has introduced in its latest version. Let’s dive in to know more. 

Rebased to latest Instagram version  

All the latest features that Instagram will introduce you will also get in Instander. Tools and analytics make it more professional and comprehensive.

Users have an edge over Instagram with additional and better performance with the MOD version. 

Code Optimization

Instander new beta version optimised code for better performance and introduction of additional new features in the app. Code optimization makes sure that the app code base is working fine for better performance and efficient resource utilization. It enhanced a better and stable user experience.

New follow you button 

It has a new and special unique button added to know about your follower list. This allows the user of the app to know about the people who follow them. It appears on every profile that follows you.

Bugs fixed

This new updated 18.0 version resolves the issues of bugs and errors in the previous version that the user encounters, making it more stable to use.

Is Instander 18.0 worth it?

Yes it is absolutely worth it if you are reading this article till now you have found definitely know about additions and functionalities that this new version have that are lagging in the previous version of the Instander app. It offers lots of customization , blocking ads and downloading media options.

Final Words

Instander makes the Instagram user experience better. Remember one thing that this BETA version has bugs that come in with downloading and installation. So if you find any feel free to reach us as soon as possible. Hopefully by reading this article your question to Everything you need to know about Instander is answered

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