Which One is Better Instander or Instagram Pro?

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Instander vs Instagram Pro which one is better? this is a question that People want to know the answer to decide which app they would use with enhanced and advanced features. This article will discuss Instander vs Instagram Pro advantages, disadvantages, and features to let the user decide better.

Instagram Pro:

Instagram Pro is an Instagram Mod developed by a third-party developer with changes in the original script. You cannot find these versions on the Google Play and Android App Store. Instagram provides more control and more customization to the users. It provides an option to download photos, block ads, etc.

InstaPro Features 

  • You can able to download Photos and videos from Instagram.
  • Users can Hide likes and comments.
  • Option to change the color of the Interface.
  • User can check who view their stories.
  • You can Block Ads On Instagram Pro.

InstaPro APK


  • It does not crash
  • It provides a good user experience and better control for the user
  • It has more advanced features than the Instander


  • Limited updates
  • The menu and theme look old

Instander APK

Instander is Mod of the Official Instagram. It is more popular than the Instagram app and faster than the official Instagram. Created by an independent developer with excellent and advanced functionality and features. It is updated regularly to maintain existing features and get the app’s advanced features.

Instander Features

  • By using Instander, You can view the online status of anyone.
  • You can easily disable read receipts.
  • It provides a verification feature.
  • You can easily customize the app.
  • You can easily upload photos in high quality.


  • It provides a better UI/UX design than Insta Pro.
  • It is free to use.
  • You can download stories, videos, etc.
  • It is safe to use


  • It crashes a lot and disturbs the user.
  • It is difficult to install and set up

Which one to use, Instander VS Instagram Pro?

If users want a better experience with the app, like they do not want it to crash while using it, then Instander is the best option because it provides almost the same features as Insta Pro. Insta Pro does not provide a developer mode option, and it crashes a lot, which irritates the user. Instander has an edge over Insta Pro. 

Final Words:

To choose between Instander Vs Instagram Pro is a tough decision. We try to provide an overlook with the pros and cons of both. Every app has its unique features that make it unique from others. So choose the app from Instander and Insta Pro which suits you best.

But if you ask my opinion between Instander vs Instagram Pro i would suggest you to go with the Instander App if you want reliable App that works without Crashing.

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