Instander Vs Barinsta Which One Is Better ?

Instander Vs BarInsta

Instander vs barinsta these two are modified versions of Instagram. Both are popular according to features. Enhanced features and functionalities in modified versions making it easier for people to go for these advanced versions that people don’t find in Instagram.

If you are stuck between Instander vs BarInsta which one is better then don’t worry we have provided you a detailed article to let you choose between both by analyzing the key differences and similarities.

What is Instander?

Instander is a modified version of the original Instagram. With mod version you can easily download high quality photos, videos , reels and IGTV. Vast variety of customization options is available to customize the app according to user preferences.

What is instander

The dise developer guarantees the safest browsing experiences. A fancy no follow button is provided. In this version you can easily copy bios, comments and hide status by Ghost Mode.


Ghost Mode

With Ghost mode users can easily hide their status including seen status. Read receipt and typing status. If you are introvert then this feature is excellent for you to keep up your privacy.

Verification Badge

If you have a blue tick on your profile then you can easily pay to Instagram to get your verified. This will increase the authenticity of your profile. But keep one thing in mind that this verification badge is only visible to instander user not to Instagram

Free From Ads

You can easily browse the app without being disturbed by the constant ads. This app will block the ads automatically and you can enjoy browsing on your favourite digital application. This application will save your time from unwanted ads.

What is BarInsta?

What is BarInsta

It is an open source user-friendly software developed for Android users who want to enjoy unlimited advanced features that they don’t have in official Instagram. It provides you more control of your data while interacting with different people on Insta. It provides you extensive features including downloading photos, videos, copying text and comparing followers etc.



It allows you to customize the app by trying different layouts to increase app experience. You can apply theme of your choice. Overall this is good if you want to try new theme and fonts and styles.


You can easily view the dms and read the messages by keeping up your privacy. This way your friends will never know that you are online and scrolling the app.

View Story

This feature is excellent for you as you don’t need to hold a story, you can enjoy content at your own pace and can zoom in on the story.

Difference between Instander And BarInsta

It has basically two version clone and uncloneBarInsta does not have any version
It has its own official website It does not have any official website
It has developer optionsIt does not support any developer features
It has verification Badge featureIt does not have any verification Badge feature
Ghost Mode is available Ghost mode is not available 

Similarities between the both App

Instander and Barinsta both provide the option of downloading content including photos, videos etc. Both provide customization to alter the app according to your choice. You can easily hide yourself and do browsing and keep up your privacy by using both versions of Instagram.

Final words

We have provided you a detailed view about Instander vs barinsta which is better by analyzing its pros and cons , key differences and similarities. We hope you can easily select the best one that suits you from both applications. If you feel any difficulty regarding the app you can reach us out.

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