How to Change download Photos Formats in Instander:

Change download Photos Formats in Instander

How to change download photos formats in Instander? This question arises in the mind of the users because Instander download photos in WEBP format.

Instander provides high quality pictures and videos through WEBP format. Many users of the Instander App encounter questions about how to change Format in the App. Keep scrolling to know about format changing. We have discussed it in detail. 

Why Photos Are Downloaded In WEBP Format In Instander ?

As we have already discussed that Instander APK download photos in WEBP format. Then the question arises in the mind of users why always Instander prefer WEBP format. Users of the Instander app wants to know the reason for Instander WEBP preference .The old version of Instander downloads photos in .PNG Format. If you are struggling to Change download Photos Formats in Instander then follow the guide for solution.

Instander prefer to download photos and video in WEBP format as it occupy less space in mobile memory and usually consume less data to download photos. It improves user experience of the Instander app and usually it works faster than other types of formats. 

Some photos downloaded by WEBP format looks blur but user can fix it by changing file format.

What is WEBP Format ?

WEBP Format is an image format developed for faster downloading of photos without compromising photo qualities. It is usually used for digital photos. Usually the pictures downloaded through WBEP format are smaller in size making it ideal for use on websites. WEBP pictures are usually 26% smaller than .JPEG pictures.

WEBP format reduces images loading time, optimizing images in faster time on web and improving user experience. Usually the picture downloaded through this format decodes quickly, this feature of the webp format helps the users which have limited bandwidth and processing time.

How to change Download Photos Formats In Instander?

If the users want to Change download Photos Formats in Instander it is a piece of cake. Old website does not support WEBP format so the users of the old website encounter a problem that needs to be resolved to improve picture quality of the downloaded photos through their websites. 

Don’t worry we have a perfect solution for your problem. Users can easily change Photos format by following the steps given below. 

Step 1: First Open file manager of the phone.

open the file manager

Step 2: Tap on the search bar to locate the Instander folder.

tap on search bar and search Instander

Step 3: Once the Instander folder is found where images are stored, Tap on it to open.

open the instander folder

Step 4: Once it opens, Select the image you want to change the format of then tap on rename.

choose the image you want to change

Step 5: Replace .jpeg or .png with .webp

change the jpeg or png extension to webp

Step 6: Tap on ok to save the image.

Congratulations ! you have learn to Change download Photos Formats in Instander and now you can easily upload these images on Instagram without hassle and worry.

Pros and Cons Of Changing Formats 


  • WEBP support fast decoding
  • WEBP Reduces images loading time
  • It take less space in phone storage or computer
  • It increases website speed
  • WEBP enhances image quality


  • WEBP support lossy and lossless compression
  • WEBP loses some image texture
  • Some browser does not WEBP images
  • Quality of images compromised


Yes, Changing formats does not affect image uploading ability of a user.

Yes, Many online tools are available for converting WEBP images to your desired formats.


We have discussed in detail the process of how to Change download Photos Formats in Instander. Webp has some advantages as well some disadvantages .Changing photos format is sometimes difficult for some individuals but with the right guide any one can change the format and improve image quality hassle free.

Hopefully now if you had followed our guide step by step you wouldn’t have faced any difficultly to Change download Photos Formats in Instander, If any sort of error occurs you can contact us we will help you in sorting your problem

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