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Instander vs Instagram thunder if you are confused between both Mods of the official Instagram digital application then you are on the right destination. Instagram Official is a renowned social media application known for its creative content sharing and photo sharing capabilities.

Instander Vs Instagram Thunder which app to choose this question arises in the user minds but they offer the same features as well advanced features of Instagram. Both apps take the Instagram experience of user to new heights. Keep scrolling if you want to know key features of both app and want to choose best for your Android device or for PC.

Instander APK

Instander APK is an Instagram Mod developed by Dise with enhanced functionalities and allows users to get access to new features. Instander is an alternative to the basic original Instagram official. Instander is one the best options available in the market.

Instander promised in the latest version to provide users with facility to fix bugs and errors. With Instander APK user can easily download high quality photos, reels and IGTV. Instander is safe to use with a range of exclusive features like ads free , copying comments and bio.

Ghost Mode is an excellent feature of the Instander app for the users that want to keep hiding their identity while browsing their favourite IG application. Customizable themes, layout and privacy options make Instander favourite in the eyes of the Instagram user.

 Let’s explore the exciting features that Instander APK unique from the rest of the Instagram Mod.

Hide view stories

With Instander APK you can easily view stories of any one anonymously without revealing your identity. Owner of the story content would not be identified by your presence. Hide view story feature basically provides you the option of maintaining your privacy.

Downloading Media 

Downloading photos, reels, stories and IGTV is not possible with Instagram but now you can easily download media directly to your Android or iOS device by just tapping on the content you want to download.

Save Data

If you have limited data then Instander introduces a special feature to keep using the app with low data just by turning off the automatically play video. You just need to go to settings then to miscellaneous where you find the option of turning off automatic video.

Instagram Thunder

Instagram thunder is a new latest mod of Instagram developed by SAM Mod. It enhances the overall user experience by introducing unique features that the users don’t have on the original Instagram application. 

If you are the one who wants to experiment with the new digital application then Instagram thunder is for you. It provides you with the option of privacy , follow tracker, translation capabilities and high quality photos sharing. All we can say is that it covered all the amazing features that the user needed to enhance its overall app experience. 

Let’s explore the awesome features of Instagram Thunder

Language Translation

Instagram Thunder can translate comments and posts into multiple languages that users can understand and prefer. Users can select their preferred language.

Photos in max quality

Instagram usually decreases the photo quality in the name of image width but with Instander Thunder users can enable photos in max quality option to view images in high resolution.

AD Free 

Instagram Thunder allows you to enjoy your browsing without interruption. AD free features help the user to block the ads on Instagram Thunder. Instagram users experience this issue commonly but here you can easily enjoy unlimited stories , reels without being interrupted.

Instander Vs Instagram Thunder? Which is better

Instander Vs Instagram thunder? Which is better? This is a common question that arises in the mind of users and got confused about both Insta mod but don’t worry we have a right answer for your problem.

If you want more privacy, innovation then you can choose Instander APK but if you expect trustworthiness and reliability then you must choose Instagram Thunder. choosing between the both depends upon user own preferences.

Final words

As with growing social Media, Instander and Instagram thunder like applications are exciting new additions to it. We have tried to answer you in a very detailed manner about both apps. Hopefully we have answered your question Instander Vs Instagram thunder which one is better 

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