Instander Alternatives, Top Instagram Alternative.

Instander Alternatives

Instander APK is the Mod of Instagram official. Many users while using Instander, look for Instander alternatives, if you are one we are here to discuss top Instagram alternatives in this article.

If you are tired of limitations provided by Instagram, Instander is a modified version providing advanced and amazing functions. 

Why to Look for Instander Alternative 

Instander is compatible for some users in terms of functionality but some people are not satisfied with it and look for alternatives that can satisfy their needs and preferences for the digital app.

Some users look for simpler interface that Instander does not provide.

Criteria to Look For Alternative

When a user is looking for an Instander alternative, different factors they need to keep in their mind like device compatibility, user interface, security, community and support. 

Reviews and rating of different digital apps also matters. Cost, regular updates, trial and demo of the alternative have been in knowledge of the user.

By looking at all these factors you can easily make a decision about the Instander APK alternative. We have discussed 10 different alternatives below.

List of Instander Alternatives


Instagram logo

Instagram is a social media application focused on photo sharing or video sharing content. You can easily communicate with closed ones.

Official Instagram introduces stickers, filters for the engaging post and content. Instagram is mainly used by brands for their promotions.

The Primary reason for using Instagram is its continuous support from developers. If you are using Third party alternative then you can face an account ban from Instagram officials.


SCrawler Instagram logo

SCrawler is an app used to download Media from many digital applications like Instagram. Users can easily and simply download photos, videos and engaging content with the help of scrawler.

GB Insta

GB Instagram logo

GB Insta is a modified version of official Instagram providing additional and enhanced features that you can’t get on the official app.

GB Insta provides you the option to download photos, images, videos and stories from Instagram. It is a best Instander alternative feature because of privacy and theme customization.


OG Instagram logo

OG insta is also called insta plus is a MOD of Instagram. It is the best Instander alternative if the user is looking for customization, privacy, media downloading and layouts. It overall enhanced the user app experience. It provides more flexibility as compared to Instagram.

Insta Pro

Instagram Pro logo

Insta Pro takes the level of Instander alternative to new heights by providing amazing features like media downloading, Privacy option and customization. It has unlimited features like in app browser, block advertisement etc.

Aero Insta

Aero Instagram logo

Aero Insta is a modified version of Instagram. It offers customizable and enhanced features and experience to the user. Users can easily customise the app according to their needs and preferences.

Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite logo

Instagram Lite is a modified version of Instagram and is developed for the user that has limited data and internet. It provides additional and advanced functionalities with limited speed.

Instagram Lite is the best choice in the area where there is slow speed of the internet. Meta offers this Instagram version.

Bar Insta

Bar Instagram logo

Bar Insta is specially designed for the user who wants a simple interface of the app. It provides a seamless experience. Simple customization, user friendly interface make it a popular alternative to Instagram.

Cobalt _ Social Media Downloader

Cobalt logo

Cobalt is an alternative Instander application that allows you to download media from different platforms including Instagram. It provides excellent download speed to users for quick downloading. It seamlessly enhances the user experience of digital media.

Insta Mod APK 

Insta Mod logo

Instamod APK caters the users preferences that they look for an Instagram alternative. It enhances and provides customization, privacy and overall enhances the user app usage experience. 


Honista Logo

Honista is an amazing social designed application with advanced features like viewing account pictures , downloading media, blocking ads and high quality professional tools. Honista is a new application in comparison to Instagram.

Insta Thunder

Instagram Thunder logo

Insta thunder developed by Sam Mods offers exceptional, advanced and amazing features. It offers seamless messaging and call service features making it ideal alternative for Instagram.

Insta thunder or Instagram thunder stands out as an amazing alternative to Instagram in terms of privacy , free of cost subscription and constant updates.


Sunista logo

Sunista is the Mod version of Instagram and it is lessly known by the people. But it has the capability of being an alternative to Instagram. It is specially designed for users who prefer features of video sharing and images and it strongly focus on the quality of media.

Final Words

In this article we have mentioned the Instander alternatives, Top Instagram alternatives are not a piece of cake you have to think deeply about customization, privacy and interface of the app before selecting. Consider your preferences while selecting Instagram alternatives. 

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