How to Enable Instander Developer Mode? 

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Instander APK is a mod version of Instagram that comes with additional and unique features that the official app does not offer. If you are an Instagram user then you always look for the new method to enhance your Instagram experience. Keep Reading more to know how to enable Instander Developer Mode

One of the additional features of the Instander app is developer Mode. How to Enable Instander developer Mode is the question of the users and they want answers to it. Instander allows users to download photos, stories, reels easily but if users want to customize the Instander app then they have the option of Developer Mode for changing fonts, disabling ads etc.

Let’s dive in more in the article to know about Developer mode. Keep scrolling to know how to access developer Mode. We have discussed it in detail. 

What is Instander Developer Mode

Developer Mode in Instander APK allows users to access additional features of the app enhancing the user overall experience of the app. It provides user-unprecedented control over the app but remember one thing that Developer mode setting is for programmers or developers only who have full knowledge of the app.

Developer Mode provides options for better performance and customization of the app according to desired need. It provides you with a choice of playing with the app. 

Don’t proceed if you don’t have knowledge of enabling Instander developer Mode. Usually Developer Mode is developed for debugging the app. Debugging means finding the apps errors and then resolving these errors.

How To Enable Instander Developer Mode 

To enable the Developer Mode option you have to simply follow the guide we are providing.

Update Instander APK to latest version 

Make Sure you have installed an updated version of the instader app to get access to additional features and developer Mode option. First Download Instander APK latest version from our website.

How to Enable Developer Mode option

Here’s how you can easily activate developer Mode by following the steps given below.

  • Go to settings then First Log in to your Instander  account.
  • Tap on your profile pic on the right side.
  • Then tap on the three dot menu right side.
  • Tap on Instander settings
  • Browsing down you will find an option of developer Mode.
  • Toggle it and then click on Mobile Config
  • A pop up appear to update , Click it
  • Now close the app and then reopen Instander.
  •  Then Long press home button developer Mode will appear if you follow all the above instructions carefully.
Instander Developer Mode

Pros and Cons of Instander Developer Mode


  • Many advanced features
  • Customize according to your choice
  • Enabling vanish option


  • Not easy to use , developer Mode option is complex
  • Sometime App crashes after enabling developer Mode

Final words  

By reading the article I hope you have now learned the method to enable developer Mode in Instander. Remember It is a technical term and method if you follow the above mentioned method likewise we have mentioned you can easily enable this option on your phone but if you don’t have full knowledge then you may crash your app and then you have only solution of uninstalling and reinstalling the app.     

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